The new program: "you & me"

For over four decades MUMMENSCHANZ inspire audiences around the world with their wordless but extremely poetic art. Since December 2016 MUMMENSCHANZ tours with the new program "you & me".

"you & me" was created by the MUMMENSCHANZ founding member Floriana Frassetto. Tickets are available now!

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MUMMENSCHANZ has been inspiring generations of show-goers across five continents over four decades. The 'stories' told are unique in that they have no sound or music; the language of MUMMENSCHANZ is universal.    



MUMMENSCHANZ has had a rejuvenation process with the actors. In 2015 two young Swiss artists have already been introduced to the wordless art  and this spring they have already been conducting an intensive tour through the USA. With regard to the new program "you & me", another two young Swiss artists were recruited.