MUMMENSCHANZ workshops are a wonderful experience. They’re aimed at adults, children, amateurs, acting and mime students, educators in the field of theater and school drama teachers. Groups, schools, companies and families can all book workshops. They involve unique, intense encounters, both joyful and moving, with the group and with the self. MUMMENSCHANZ workshops are the perfect team-building activity – but they’re also designed for inspiration or the pure pleasure of exploring your own creativity and the power of transformation. Participants may laugh, dance or cry – mostly with joy.

Mask workshop

Masks are made using everyday materials.

For: anyone and everyone, aged 6 to 99 
Duration: around 4 hours
Materials: provided by MUMMENSCHANZ 
Number of participants: min. 10, max. 25
Conditions: A space of approx. 40 m2/430 square feet (ideally with a stage), good light, tables and chairs. Ability to darken the stage, black material/fabric.

At the beginning, each participant will create their own mask using their own imagination. You don’t have to be skilled at arts and crafts – anyone can make something, whether using plastic jugs or other everyday materials. Floriana Frassetto will bring all the craft materials, equipment and glue. Then it’s time to mime. Before getting on stage, it’s all about relaxing, coming together, warming up and getting used to wearing masks. The workshop then moves on to individual and group improvisation.

The highlight of the session is the chance to spontaneously create and rehearse a short performance. People are permitted and welcome to come and watch the performance – but not the preparation.

The neutral mask

Course participants learn how to work with the neutral mask and express their emotions through movement, gesture, posture and body language.

Age: 18 and over 
Duration: around 1.5 hours 
Target audience: acting and mime students, theater educators, school drama teachers, professional artists, etc. 
Number of participants: min. 10, max. 25
Materials: neutral masks are provided by MUMMENSCHANZ.
Clothing: black, body covered