Christa Barrett, the second child of an English father and a Swiss mother, was born 1990 in Fribourg, speaking German, English and French.
At the age of 17, she joins the « Zirkus Chnopf » and the « Cirque de Loin » for three years. After her graduation at the Rudolf Steiner School in Ittigen, she enters the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio/TI. During her studies she twice wins the physical theatre studentship award from Migros Kulturprozent. In 2014 she obtains her Bachelor in Physical Theatre. Following her graduation she founds, together with some of her classmates, the physical theatre company “Poyo Furioso”, which tours during the Summer of 2015. In the following Winter she works in the musical theatre production U Purpu with the “Fiorenza Ensemble” in Zürich. Christa pursues further training visitng clown workshops. In Summer 2016 she participates in the Origen Festival in Riom with the play Tredeschin.