The members of the troupe offer the opportunity of living an interesting experience: taking part in their workshops. They are open to all: children, teenagers, adults; theatre lovers or amateur actors; theatre and mime students and teachers; school theatre teachers.

[] Mummenschanz Workshop

These original gatherings are both joyful and serious, therefore intense. They help the exchange with the Other as well as the realization of one's multifaceted personality. MUMMENSCHANZ workshops accordingly favour team development or building, and the construction of self. The workshops are also aimed at inspiring the participants, deriving pleasure from exploring one's own creative talents. There is movement, there is dance, there is laughter – loads of. There may sometimes be sounds of crying, but they are tears of joy.

Enrolments can be by groups, schools, societies or families.

Number of participants per workshop: minimum 10 people, maximum 25.