The foundation is intended to spread everywhere the creative ideas of the ensemble - those very ideas that have conquered the theatres of the world.
Over the past four decades, MUMMENSCHANZ has been synonymous with magic.  It is still, almost certainly, the most popular Swiss artistic export, besides being one of the most world-famous groups. The 1998 decision to set up the MUMMENSCHANZ Foundation has opened a new era intending to promote the group's artistic wealth in future years.  
The support of sponsors endows the Foundation to encourage the pursuit of MUMMENSCHANZ's creative work and the development of its ideas by means of ateliers or works in which students, budding actors or other young artists take part.  
The Foundation makes it also possible for the troupe to create new characters or stage programmes, such as it has been the case for "Next" , "3 x 11" or the forthcoming jubilee "40 years".

The administrative boards and the "MUMMENSCHANZ Ambassadors" comprise cultural, political and business figures who unconditionally back up the vision and the aims of the Foundation. We wish to heartfully thank the personalities who have accepted to be involved in our venture. Particular  thanks are addressed to our sponsors and friends for their unfailing help, for their kindness and, last but not least, their suggestions.

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