Kevin Blaser (Swiss), born in 1990, is a young artist from Ticino. In his early age he showed a strong interest in movement and art. He stood out in gymnastics and in skateboarding in which he finds a companion with whom he travels the world. Passionate for music, he perfected his skills in percussion and drums, with which he continues to play in various bands. Through theatre he discovered a means for full expression of himself and entered the school for physical theatre Accademia Teatro Dimitri, where he obtained his Bachelor in 2015. He played in different theatre and cinema productions as „Gilgamesh“ (from Patrizia Barbuiani), „Gotthard 2016“ (from Volker Hesse), „Tutti Giù“ (from Niccolò Castelli). In July 2016 he started his journey with the MUMMENSCHANZ company.