Bernie Schürch - Mummenschanz

Bernie Schürch, the youngest of five brothers and sisters, was born on August 3, 1944 in Thun (Switzerland) where he attended primary and secondary school before receiving a commercial training. In 1966, he enrolled on a dramatic course in Bern, but didn't finish the formation.

He quit the Bern pantomime ensemble and the local cabaret Zahnstocher to attend Jacques Lecoq's Ecole in Paris between 1967 and 1969. There, he met Andres Bossard with whom he explored new ways of visual expressions. After some experimental performances and Swiss and European tours, Bernie and Andres founded MUMMENSCHANZ in 1972, together with Floriana Frassetto.

He has since collaborated on every MUMMENSCHANZ production as inventor, developer and actor. Among his most memorable performances, let's mention the Broadway 1977 and 1986 ones; the show staged on the main square of his former village in Tessin; the travels around the world with a suitcase packed with ... a surprise.

Bernie's last performance with MUMMENSCHANZ was on June 17th 2012 in Zurich.