[] Andres Bossard - Mummenschanz

Andres Bossard was born on August 9, 1944 in Zurich (Switzerland) where he attended primary and secondary school, and the Arts and Crafts School for a year.

He joined the "Chlüpplisack" Cabaret as author and actor, and took part in German cabaret troupes productions for which he also wrote several texts.

When he was 23, he went to Paris and attended Jacques Lecoq's Ecole de théâtre et de mouvement for two years. It was Andres' personal conviction that mime and masks would make him be better understood on stage rather than speech.

In 1969, he met Bernie Schürch. Together, they tested new ways wholly visual and non-verbal, and developed their first programme based on adjustable masks.

Andres Bossard died on March 25, 1992.